Thursday, 25 December 2014

I'm Into...

.. inspiration. I'm infatuated with the feeling of being inspired. With the ideas I wish I could've encountered a long time ago. With the thrill of getting to know so much more about new things I've become so passionate about.

I've been influenced so much by literature and music for a while, but I feel like this year is the definite beginning of my adventures that reach past simple pocket books, and B major chord progressions.

I'm reaching new heights with my creativity lately, and I'm just so happy to know that I can just keep going and never get sick of expressing myself through the arts.

I'm currently majoring in Philosophy to hopefully further my studies in medical school when I'm done undergrad, (I know it's a strange transition for many, but it's a plan shaped by the Lord, so I believe all will be well, knowing it's in His hands.), and honestly, it's just giving me so much to think about, so many ideas that are so rich with ideas to be unpacked from, and new passions in life to create.

I honestly hope that everyone finds their muse, and their passions in life, because trust me, it's a whole new world, and you're definitely going to love it.

More to talk about regarding this soon, but for now, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

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