Sunday, 18 January 2015

Preserve Art.

This world is filled with tiny details that we always seem to forget to appreciate. Have you seen the sun today? Have you ever stopped to see just how much the sun brightens up the sky? The only time we ever notice it is when it's gone and we're hoping for something to illuminate our paths, or something to help us cope with the idea of loneliness once it gets dark.

As much as I know society likes to glamourize certain things regarding art nowadays, I also understand that this glamorization is purely fabricated. 

Nobody believes that art can change the world anymore. I mean at one point we did, and at certain points we still do, but unless you've got a recognized name, or a franchise that can pay for your mortgage without you having to think about it, art means nothing to most people.

They just live their lives. Sun rise to sun set, they complain about how unproductive life has been, and how much they sometimes wish everything would be easier. 

Call me a dreamer, or a person caught up in false hope, but I truly believe art will change the world one step at a time. 

I define art as this: anything tactile, visual, linguistic, musical, and/or anything movement based that by the process of pre-meditation or spontaneity has been produced in a natural or man made manner.

I believe that anyone and everyone has the ability to make art, to witness art, to be art.

No matter how subjective it may be, it is so important to preserve art. Art is the way we express things. It is the way we express our anger, our guilt, our pain, our suffering, our joy, our euphoria, our horror, and our identities.

If we don't stop to appreciate everything that has been made available to us, and we don't artistically express it, how will we look back and see how amazing certain things are in retrospect?

Oh right, our other unreliable sources of information...

I believe that reality can be viewed in art --- it depicts people's true emotions, their struggles, and their suppressions of passions they wish they could let out. Without art, we wouldn't get to know each other.

Now I understand that from the point of view of others, art may be a "waste of time", or "impractical", but if we view everything we do as an opportunity to make masterpieces ONLY WE CAN MAKE, I think the world would be a much better place. 

We owe so much to artistic advances, and inspiring innovation; so why don't we take the time to appreciate it?

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