Sunday, 15 March 2015


We constantly feel the need to dictate. In our minds, in our experiences, the world is so diverse, so confusing. Do we take the left route, or the right route? Is the right route, the right route?

I want you to be happy.
I want you, to be happy.

We have to know what we want to have a good future. It is okay to not be sure what to do.

You should be confident in who you are and who you identify yourself to be. Who needs labels? Find comfort in uncertainty.

There is always a binary.

The need to dictate importance for us is the only thing we know to do that it almost seems necessary. Just because we only know how to do a single thing, it doesn't mean that this gives us the justification to keep doing that one thing. How about the opposite of it? How about the things that are not so closely related with it?

It is in these things that we see a clearer picture of the world.

Only in the midst of chaos do we find clarity, because soon enough, as the world grows in being loud, our hearts begin to find silence, and in that we see clearly.