Sunday, 26 April 2015

We Are Not Human.

We complain too much to see the brighter side of things. We are infected by this first world epidemic of focusing too much on what we have lost or what we don't have, that we forget on a consistent basis just how much we do have.

We hear about this all the time. We know the solution-- just be grateful, stop complaining.

But why is it that every time we try to reach for the solution, we are once again injected by the foul serum of entitlement? We are not entitled, we are privileged. We weren't supposed to be better off, we think we are, only because everyone else is worse off than we are.

No, this world was not created to be cruel, but nowadays the sad truth is that we must first experience the negative before we can even conceive of a possible source of "the better". It disappoints many to know that we cannot open our eyes to the good until we have suffered the worst.

We are a first world society of people who claim to care, but turn the other cheek when called upon to make a difference. We want to be acknowledged, but we fail to give compassion and sympathy to others because we think that the world revolves around us. We think we know better. We think we have everything.

In reality, we need to realize that we have nothing. We do not know anything. None of our knowledge is full proof because as much as we think we know, the only thing we can be certain about is that we are alive today, and that yesterday has passed. We are not powerful, we are bounded by the unpredictability that encompasses the future and present. We may be living in the present, but there is so much we do not know about, and yet we think we have mastered this planet we have resided on since the beginning of time. We think we know what we've been through, but we have no right to say that we do, because even our memories falter.

We glorify the so called "truths" that satisfy us and mask the actual truths that hurt. We praise the aesthetically pleasing, and deny the different if it does not match up. We try to be unique, but we are always the same.

We are human, but deny that fact every day. We only accept it when we do not wish to be blamed, but forget about it the moment we are praised for our "otherworldly" abilities.

We are human. Everyone is, so why don't we act like we are?

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Answer to Happiness: accepting reality

I have been doing a lot of observing, as I do, and have realized that the world works in ways we all understand but just don't want to consider or admit. We don't admit to everything because we think we're better than that, bigger than that.

I just want to know one thing: Why do we have to struggle with this idea of striving so hard to recreate ourselves when the greatest treasures in humanity are found in facing what we have been made to be?

Now, I understand people will always have different beliefs in how the world works: you might think that we've been programmed to be a certain way, or that we make ourselves to be a certain way, or that the world is just filled with coincidences.

The one thing however that I know for sure, is that we can't deny that we meet at a common point: that of human activity.

We live as a global community having this notion that the world should work a specific way, we think we can dictate how the world should be. However, although I think it's great that we're pushing past our dissatisfaction with some of the ways of the world, the only way we can actually get things to work is if we accept the world to be one way, and work with it; not around it, and definitely not against it.

To address the cliché, we are obsessed with fame. We are obsessed with power. We are obsessed with money. All notions we have fabricated to believe are real and valuable.

Why do people praise celebrities and the well known? Because we're obsessed with the idea of being bigger, being untouchable.

If we are obsessed with this idea of being bigger, then doesn't it make sense to be happy at the end of the day? Well notice that we're not. The reason why is because; we make these false notions, false visions, false ideas of who people are; how they are, how they act. We deny that we are human.

I find that after obsessing over people's looks, lifestyles, images, and outwardly expressions, we tend to stop liking them the moment we find out that they're just like us. They may have more than us and appear to be happier, but at the end of the day they're just like us.

Human beings are all the same. We break off relationships with people who "are just like everyone else", and start relationships with people we think are perfect, "different". We fall in love with who we want them to be. Not who they are.

This may be depressing for you, discouraging even. But even if it seems that way, I want you to know that, that is not true.

This is beautiful my friend.

This is beautiful because it means we can encourage ourselves to love all of the flaws others have, mainly because it means that we can be comfortable knowing that we encompass the same imperfections. We are not alone. They are not alone. We are all humans, and even if they appear to be what they are trying so hard to be, it all boils down to who they are trying to hide.

If you can love them for who they are, for who they are hiding, you will realize that beauty does not come from the untouchable, it does not come from the bigger thing... it comes from the smallest details that make them, them.

The way they sit when you first see them, the way they stand with confidence when you first meet them, the way they say hello, the way their voice cracks when they talk about something that hurts, the way they look out of the window when they observe the beauty of the world.

The things that make them uniquely them.

If you can love that, you will be happy, because then, you have accepted reality, my friend.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The "I."

In the day, I am happy. I use the day as a way of understanding how I am perceived. I speak to people with exposed teeth, I speak about the greater, I speak about the indescribably lovely. In the day, I am myself. I think.

In the night, I am expressionless. I use the night as a way of understanding how I was during the day. Did I try too hard? Did I talk too much? Did I hit the limit? Did I mess up? In the night, I am myself. I think.

It is not easy to function in society, frankly because we all have such a huge communal expectation of how others should perceive us. It's always about the other.

We always set this high expectation of extravagance upon ourselves, when in reality, we are but primitive beings hiding behind legislative propositions.

In a desirable world, we are all equally treated. In a desirable world everyone gets what they deserve. In a desirable wor- nothing can make the most desirable world a reality. This is our desirable world.

I am emotional, I am always thinking, I am never understanding enough of those around me to think that maybe my emotions can drive them insane. I do not think about their thoughts of me sometimes, I just think about how I feel, and if they are at the right place at the right time, I show them who I am.


I think.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Love : Problematic

I fall in love too easily. No, not in a romantic way, and not necessarily with anyone, but in the way that makes me wonder why I find everything so beautiful. I think of this inability to understand such a thing as quite problematic.

Some people would call it an emotional observance of the world, of the things in it, of the people that occupy it. I call it problematic, but beautifully engaging at the same time.

I love the way the rain drops flow so gently down the surface of windows, and how the wind becomes an artist of some sort that weaves these drops of hydrogen and oxygen molecules in their diatomic qualities. The ability the wind has to pit these drops of water against one another in the race to reach the bottom of a window outside on a car door.

I love the way an eye can change colour in the sun, or, reveal its true colour in the beam of the ultraviolet rays. Almost making it seem as if it finally had the ability to come out of its shell, as if its been waiting for this moment; the moment when somebody comes along and gives it the ability to love itself, to shine a light on its beauty.

I love the way the mud moulds itself to footprints when it rains. It assimilates so carefully to capture the raw shape of the foot's print. The imprint that characterizes its very essence, but distorts it with how much pressure is applied to sink it deep enough for the person to make a mark, and not fall too deep into the obsession of becoming their own. Everyone has footprints everywhere, anyway.

I love the way people are the way they are. No matter how irritable, no matter how charming, no matter how idle and expressionless. They are who they are, and I love that.

I love the way someone cares, the way they ask you how you are, how you felt you did on a work, how you were when they weren't around.

I love. I call it problematic.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

There's Always a Bigger Picture.

I've been exposed to quite a few things these past two weeks that have got me to contemplate, and ponder a lot more. I guess I'm at a point in life where things have come to a halt. Usually, I'm faced with a lot of things happening, all within a short period of time. Instead, I've noticed that not a lot has happened, but quite a lot has been realized from my end.

I'm pretty much done my first year of university, classes ended just two days ago. At this point, I still have a few make-up classes to go to because my professors have been kind enough to schedule extra classes to compensate for the effects of the recent strike. Essentially, all I'm preparing for are exams, and then I'm off to summer school, a whole two months dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in the field of biology, I'm honestly quite ecstatic to see how different this experience will be from high school.

Overall, I feel like this year has been dedicated to improving myself, and creating stronger bonds with my family, and with my friends, new and old.

I have however been privileged enough to see this video here, it's called "The Last Lecture", given by Doctor Randy Pausch, which aired on the Oprah Show in 2007:

One of my facebook friends shared it, and out of curiosity, I happened to check it out. Honestly, I'm really glad I did. Just to give you a quick synopsis, it's a lecture all about life, and how one can achieve their dreams and approach the bigger picture.

I've realized that, in this day and age, and probably many generations before me, all people have focused on is the events that are happening to them right now. We ask ourselves common questions like: What am I going to eat for dinner today? What am I going to wear to the party? Where should I go for vacation this summer? Should I complete this assignment tonight or watch a movie instead?, which lead to more complicated, yet still common questions like: What do I want to pursue in my educational career? Who will I fall in love with and marry? How many children will I have? Will I have children? Do I even need to get married? Will I get married, or will I stay single?

Although, I think these are very important questions to ask ourselves to understand what we're living through right now, I think we're missing out on the most important question of all which is HOW AM I LIVING MY LIFE? WILL I BE PROUD OF HOW I LIVED IT WHEN I GET OLDER? WILL I DIE HAPPY?

I think there's such a huge emphasis on pleasure and trends, that we forget as a human race how to even function as mere human beings, for the simple and "non-extravagant" beings that we are. We forget to see the joy in the simple things. We forget to remember what we're living for.

I believe that we're living for a bigger picture; a legacy for a future that will continue our lives and what we've established here. We are living for the beauty of life that the Lord has blessed us with, and the mission He's set for us. We're living for something else.

I guarantee that when we die, when we reach that afterlife, we might just ask God for one more chance, to fulfill one more thing, if we keep acting this way. We need to start living our lives, not just in the mere current moments, but for the future, for the larger spectrum of prospectives we have yet to reach; for the cure for cancer, for the cure for diabetes, for the end of racism and discrimination, for the opportunities for our children, for the end of poverty, for the hope of a better life.

If we have hope, if we live for a larger purpose, if we just remember to be optimistic in any situation, we can change the future into a bigger and better one for many.

We must stay optimistic, we must stay hopeful, because no matter what anyone tells you to break you down, no matter how many people try to stand in your way and tell you you're wrong for being a dreamer, no matter how much they try to tell you that you're not being realistic, I know that the moment you put your head on your pillow and lay down to sleep at night, you are a much happier person because you stayed optimistic in the belief of a larger cause. You believe that hope is the future.

Now as I leave you with this post, I'd like to ask you one last question; HOW WILL YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE?