Saturday, 11 April 2015

The "I."

In the day, I am happy. I use the day as a way of understanding how I am perceived. I speak to people with exposed teeth, I speak about the greater, I speak about the indescribably lovely. In the day, I am myself. I think.

In the night, I am expressionless. I use the night as a way of understanding how I was during the day. Did I try too hard? Did I talk too much? Did I hit the limit? Did I mess up? In the night, I am myself. I think.

It is not easy to function in society, frankly because we all have such a huge communal expectation of how others should perceive us. It's always about the other.

We always set this high expectation of extravagance upon ourselves, when in reality, we are but primitive beings hiding behind legislative propositions.

In a desirable world, we are all equally treated. In a desirable world everyone gets what they deserve. In a desirable wor- nothing can make the most desirable world a reality. This is our desirable world.

I am emotional, I am always thinking, I am never understanding enough of those around me to think that maybe my emotions can drive them insane. I do not think about their thoughts of me sometimes, I just think about how I feel, and if they are at the right place at the right time, I show them who I am.


I think.

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