Thursday, 14 May 2015

I Think We Should Separate.

I have to make something clear -- I have felt negatively about certain types of social media for a while now, mainly because it turns people into vicious and judgemental creatures that frankly, I don't feel is a good vibe for young people to absorb themselves into. Now keep in mind, I am in no way saying that social media is a bad medium all in all, I think it can be helpful, but essentially, with the negative effects it has had on many of my peers, and the larger collective of adolescents, I think we need to think twice about why we appear online.

I've got to begin by saying, yes, I've struggled with social media for a while. I had a long process of renewal in my whole Twitter game about a year and a half ago. I used to be, and unfortunately I don't want to use this as a term to explain other young people but I feel that it gives the most background and that is, like everyone else. I used to tweet about people I didn't know, I would criticize others, and mainly it was for the laughs. Soon enough however, you start to realize that the fun and games end when you see people end significant friendships, lose respect for people, and even get in physical altercations just because of what people say about them.

To combat this, I've been trying to be more positive and helpful by posting encouraging messages and thoughtful points online, but it has been more of a struggle these days as I just find myself being portrayed as a stranger to the countless people tweeting, reblogging, and just posting about the depression and pain they feel after midnight, and unfortunately now, more often, even during the day.

Now again, please don't get me wrong. I'm in no way saying that posting about your feelings is bad either, I think it's good that people can lean on one another for help when they feel horrible, but for some reason, I've noticed that instead of helping one another, people have been negative towards one another, and their ignorance has gotten worse. People online have a type of power they don't possess in real life, and that is, most of the time they are not themselves. Online, people know that they are untouchable, they can lie about feelings they clearly feel, and they can expose everything about who you are in a second, facts that maybe you didn't even know about yourself.

This is why, I've decided to take myself off of social media for a while. I'm still going to be available to tweet on Twitter and message on Facebook for conversational purposes but I won't be posting anything on my own. Part of this social media wide hiatus of mine also includes tumblr being a website I'll be off of for a while. I think the only websites I'll be active on will be soundcloud, this personal blog of mine, and from time to time I'll have my own personal activity on tumblr to look for inspirations regarding studies or new projects I'll be working on, otherwise, I will not be active on these sites for a while.

I have decided that I will be off for the summer. I'll be back on once I feel comfortable in the fall, however I will update you on when I'll be back if any of this changes.

My reasoning is this -- social media has always encouraged me to feel closer to every one and everything, but I want to experience things for real, not for their artificial presence.

One thing I would like to highlight is that this has been a long process for me, I've thought about a hiatus for a while, and although the time of hiatus I am proposing is not that long, I may be gone for longer.

If I can be honest, at times social media has trapped me in a space I could not get out of. I began to feel so curious about everything and everyone, and since so much information about people was available to be viewed online, I began to think that it was okay to know things about people without their consent. It stopped me from getting to know people face to face. The strange thing about this was that, I was supposed to feel closer to people through social media, but being so absorbed by it has made me feel much more alone. It gets toxic sometimes, and that is a hard thing to escape.

With that being said, please remember that you can still contact me. Please don't ever be afraid to, but for now I'll be cleansing my mind and my soul and I'll be spending more time living in the physical world.

See y'all in the next blog post.

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