Friday, 29 May 2015

Silence in the Midst of Chaos.

A few days ago, I was sitting on a bench across the ROM waiting for a call from a friend at around 5:15PM. Instead of conforming to the mannerism of a normal person and hanging out at Second Cup or Starbucks to pass time since all of the libraries were closed by then, I just decided to hang around outside and observe.

What was I observing you ask? I was observing everything I had missed out on, everything everyone had missed out on.

As much as I looked strange to many people just sitting there without browsing through the phone in my hand, without a cigarette in my mouth, or without having a single earphone blasting music into my ears, I think the next thing they were expecting was for me to be looking at something. Soon enough I found people looking in the direction I was looking and finding themselves disappointed within the next minute or so to not see anything interesting.

All they were greeted by was the atmosphere of the 5PM traffic, nothing but an array of the usual chaos: the honking down the intersection of St. George and Bloor, the busy hustle and bustle of the heels clicking and clacking against the downtown pavement, the screaming kids throwing temper tantrums after leaving the museum, the tone of the subway bells constantly warning people of the doors closing, and the occasional pedestrian either hailing a taxi or screaming at the driver for almost running over their new loafers or Louboutin heels that cost them a fortune.

We all get swept up by the immensity of white noise surrounding us. The white noise produced by the constant radiation and consuming silence that technology and so called privacy cause in our presence. It gets so easy to be caught up in the mess, the private mess that dehumanizes us and makes us forget everything. What day it is, what time it is, what month it is, where we are.

What am I talking about? I'm talking about the fact that it all starts here. We all become so focused on landing the job, getting home, being the first to get on the bus, running through those subway doors, adjusting the volume to be loud enough to hear nothing but the song, that we forget to be positively overwhelmed.

We are not amazed by anything anymore. We forget that millions of years ago, this wasn't around. Streets weren't around, traffic lights weren't invented, our mothers only dreamed about Louboutins.. and I guess what I'm saying is, as much as you know how poetic I am and just how emotional I get about anything and everything, I just thought it was beautiful to see, it was beautiful to see that these creatures called vehicles could get along with human beings, that human beings could control these vehicles, that human beings of different cultures could be around one another, privately, but still around one another.

We all start somewhere, and to know that we're here now, as people, as a human race, or as individuals, it's just nice to know that everything is a blessing and can be once we change our perspective about it all.

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