Sunday, 31 May 2015

Those Tears Are Not Worth Shedding.

My thinking process is not characterized easily. If I could put it into words that could possibly be understood, it is comparable to a scatter plot with no ranges or definite axes. Even the axes do not follow exactly X or Y standards, they just exist to show a possible quantity that needs to exist for my simplicity to hopefully comprehend. Quantifiable proportions never really appealed to me anyway.

The reason I speak of my thinking process in this way-- and I do apologize for all of the abstract descriptions I've given so far all throughout this blog, or dare I call it, my thinking space-- is because I know many people think this way and have these tendencies as well, it is just difficult to find those confident enough to show the world that an aspect of them can be, not so humanly understood. Interesting, isn't it? To have a human aspect not be humanly understood. Your mind, a biologically examined, a tactically absorbed, a logically comprehended thing, not be humanly understood. How fascinating is that? To know that so many people have this powerful substance for a mind, if not all people, and all they need to do is accept it and be more open about it to know its ins and outs.

Anyway, I bring this up today because I have realized that the world is rapidly evolving into a new platform of understandings and misunderstandings. Some may argue that we have stayed in the same place for a long time, and others may argue that we are so beyond where we imagined we would be 20 years ago (minus the hover crafts, but I'm sure someone's working on it).

The changes I've seen particularly are the newly found acceptance, and now hunger for innovation and creation: the newly found desire to make things from scratch without a huge company of people in any field telling us what to do. Frankly, I believe, this new scheme of acceptance is all due to the alleged "heightened intelligence" we have grasped so willingly thanks to the new technological revolution that has dawned upon us.

However, I've found that, the one aspect that is supposed to be our strength has also become our weakness. I remember being in my first class of my first year in high school, it was a science class. My teacher was one of the most respected science teachers in my school because he preached about everything with love and passion in a goofy way that inspired many. He told us to be wise. He told us that we have all the resources in the world and that we could change anything and everything with the snap of our fingers if we would just learn to do the right things with what we have. He changed my life with everything he preached, and those words are written in my heart to this day.

If we would just learn to do the right things with what we have.

He referred to the age of youth nowadays always using the excuse of their age to do all the wrong things. He referred to the new world that technology had opened up to us. He told us that, if we could just use it for the better, if we could just use it to make a change and inspire, instead of isolating ourselves more, instead of making ourselves more unproductive, instead of telling ourselves time and time again that we have accomplished so much while doing nothing at all on the computer, we could change everything for others and for ourselves. It took me this long to realize, that I have been doing all the wrong things with what I have.

I started my social media hiatus a little over 2 weeks ago now, and I have to tell you, the world is so much brighter. Within this time, I've learned a few things. I've learned that we as a new generation collective, have to learn how to experience life instead of posting about experiencing it. We have to love one another, instead of focusing on just telling the world we love someone, while forgetting to actually love them. We need to be honest about our problems so we can help ourselves instead of simply screaming into an endless abyss and hoping that people will understand us. Sure, we've come a long way technologically, but in the department of our humanity, we've gone backward instead of forward.

Technology can either dehumanize you, or allow you to change the world one step at a time.

Take the technology that you have, the resources that you have, combine them with your passions, and sail off into a new world of wonder. Be grateful and open your eyes because the moment you stand up and go do something is the moment everything will change.

Crying about it is needed at times, but getting up and wiping your tears off enough times will show you just how much those tears are not worth shedding.

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