Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Dreams CAN Become Reality.

I encourage emotion, because I feel it too, way too much sometimes. But also I think it's important to have moderation play a prominent role in everything one does.

Sometimes I think we all spend a little too much time being sad. We have to feel, so that things can get better, but we also need to focus on moving forward so that we're not just stuck in a pit of darkness all the time.

I see myself and a lot of other people, disintegrating unconsciously, simply because we discourage ourselves from doing things because we don't have the faith that we'll be successful. Yes, I've heard it enough times from others that we won't be successful in everything, and that we can't expect to get everything we want just because we work hard for it, I mean, there's this huge emphasis on chance nowadays.

But it's people like that who need to stop and think, and maybe need to reconsider a few things. Just because some things in life are unfair, just because Big Brother thinks he has power over everyone, and just because the hierarchy of the social spectrum seems to be the most important thing on people's minds, it does not mean that we can't become successful at what we want to do if we don't work hard.

I may not be an expert at success, but I do know that sometimes we just need to know what we're missing or what we need to do better in order to achieve a better us:

1) We need to climb over the boundaries that suffocate us and make us feel incapable and incompetent. We need to know what it means not only to work hard, but to work with a smart mind. Not everything needs long, hard labour for success, but that does not mean that we can expect everything to be easy either. We need to have that balance.

2) Climbing over boundaries also means people. If someone is overly negative or is causing you to be overly negative in your life, sometimes it's better to cut ties, you'll be happier when that negativity is gone. If you feel that you can't cut ties, then sometimes it's better to just sit back and understand where the negativity could be coming from. Compassion is the most powerful weapon, if you understand why someone is negative, it can be a lot easier to kill them with kindness because this fill in the voids that could be hurting them. This also means that it's important to have good people around, and most importantly, to have people around. The positivity in others can bleed into you just as the negativity can as well. If you acknowledge that you need others, and choose to surround yourself with good people, you'll be riding on good vibes all the time.

3) We need to stop thinking that life is a race. I understand that life is too short, the last time I checked I was a teenager, and now I'm a borderline adult, but it's also important to know that things take time and effort. Success does not come overnight and frankly, success does not always dictate how much better you are than someone else. Success is about how good you are at being you. Think about it this way, Serena Williams is the top ranked female tennis player in the whole world, and even Maria Sharapova, the second top ranked female tennis player can't beat her. Her reasoning? Because Serena's rotator cuff is one of a kind, it may just be the strongest rotator cuff in the history of all rotator cuffs, which is her secret weapon for her unstoppable aces that she nails every single time. The only reason why Serena is known for her aces, which if you're not into tennis, is when a player is able to serve a ball that is so fast that their competitor can't hit it, is because she took her strengths and concentrated on them to be as great as they could be, and soon enough she beat everyone else because she was just that great. As much as you may think that one day someone will knock Serena off of her pedestal, her success comes from the fact that she's her, and her greatest competition will always be herself.

4) We need to stop being so negative. Some call it realistic, but I call it pessimism. Sure, I agree that if you don't think you can be as great as possible at something, that maybe you should think of a fallback. I personally have a fallback for every single situation in my life, but one thing none of us have a fallback for is ourselves. What I mean by that is, we've been created for a special purpose. If you don't believe in that, that's fine, but I think that, no matter what background you may have, religiously, or culturally, you still think about why you exist. Being negative stops us from really finding our strong suits, and becoming successful at something we can be proud of. Back to the Serena example, let's say a youngster comes in and beats her right to the punch and takes top rank worldwide, worse off, let's say Serena can never get back to the top *knocks on wood*, at this point most people would say her career is over. But in reality, if she were to look at this as one door closing, and another one opening, she could be the world's greatest tennis coach ever and earn millions of dollars off of her success with her students. Just because one chapter in life has ended, it doesn't mean that you're a failure for the rest of eternity. Whether you like it or not, Serena will still be known as one of the best, and most influential tennis players in all of history. Her setbacks in the past and future, as much as people think, won't matter as much if she doesn't make them such a big deal.

So just remember everyone, the first step you must first accomplish to become the greatest you can be is really just getting to know, and loving yourself. The moment you instil faith in yourself is the moment all of your dreams become reality.