Thursday, 9 July 2015

Falling Down is the Easy Part.

Fall down seven, stand up eight. It is the rising that matters to us, not the falling. But nowadays, it's so easy to focus on the fall. My fall, your fall, his or her fall, that we forget so much about the rising.

We glamourize the stage that is after the rising and forget to focus on the process of rising itself. It is not easy to rise, but somehow we seem to think that seeing how people are afterward is much better, much EASIER to show, than the process of rising itself.

See, when you're down to rock bottom, people always say there's nowhere to go but up. That's true. But when you're at rock bottom, you don't remember what it's like to be up there in the place where you remember seeing the light in its brightest radiance. You tend to become too fragile, too unstable, too incapable. However there is always that one thing that you feel most compelled to hold on to, which is the fact that, even at rock bottom, we can see that there is light, it just takes time to see it.

This my friends is when we choose to rise. But it soon sinks in that choosing to rise does not dictate the reality of rising. Who are we to rise? What have we become to rise? Can we rise? How dare we think about the possibility of rising?  These are the questions that blind us, and make us incapable of rising, questions posed by no one else but us.

We are capable of rising, we just focus so much on the aftermath that we soon forget just how hard it was to rise. Just because it is known that it is difficult to rise, it doesn't mean that we can't, and it definitely doesn't mean that we shouldn't. In times of great trouble, the higher we rise. So no matter how difficult it is, get up, and rise.

Even if falling down is the easy part.

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