Monday, 6 July 2015

When the Lord Calls, He Calls.

It's hard when we're broken because all we want is to be fixed, and all we want is to be the ones to do the fixing.

So we go in, and we fix. We fill our brokenness with empty promises and false hope. We fill our brokenness with things that dissatisfy because all we want is to for the pain to alleviate at least for that one second. We want the mountain to not be so high up. We want the wounds to not be so deep. We want our crosses to not be so heavy.

We seek momentary pleasure, we seek so called "love", we seek material things that will take our minds off of problems for a little while, no matter how much our hearts have shattered.

We dictate to ourselves who God is. We take Him, we mould Him, we fix Him.

But why do we think that we can fix things, when we ourselves are so broken?

We ask the Lord why He allows us to suffer without even thinking twice about where the suffering comes from, before we begin to point fingers. It is not the Lord who allows us to suffer, it is we who allow us to suffer. We may not choose to be broken in the first place, but we choose to think that we are entitled to fix what is left over. We choose to stay at rock bottom. We choose to continue to be broken, until we are no longer whole.

In Him we are whole. When we surrender to Him, it is He who calms the storm, it is He who hears our cries, it is He who comforts us when we have nothing left, when we begin to feel like we are nothing.

He takes us in His glorious arms and heals every wound, alleviates the pain until it is no more, climbs the mountain by our side, and takes up His cross as we take up ours. For every little bit of pain we suffer, we are not alone because He suffers the same pain. But if we choose to allow Him into the doorway of our souls, He is the one who heal us and bring joy to our hearts that lasts longer than anything temporary in our lives.

For His love is everlasting.

So when He calls, let us answer. In Him we are victorious over anything and everything that life throws at us.

Let us not be afraid, because we are on the side of the One who stands in truth. We are on the side of the One who calms the storms, the One in which all bow before Him.

When the Lord calls, He calls.

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