Thursday, 8 October 2015

Emotion Translates Humanity.

I guess you could say that I talk about love a lot. I've mentioned several times that I can be quite an extensive dreamer, in the sense that anything made apparent to me, which I in turn perceive to be beautiful, is something that I end up loving. The very fact that we are called to love, and are capable of love as humans, is something that to this day has left me on cloud nine as I find myself constantly paired to states of unending love.

Today, I realized that something I've found to be beautiful is the change in tone of voice. The immediate switching of vocal chords from lower levels of bliss, to heightened levels of enthusiasm, or shock. The changing in tone of voice does not always prove to be a positive experience, but just the very fact that we have this ability to transition between emotions so swiftly and effortlessly, becomes an affair of true wonder for my mind.

Emotions put us on a very human level - the instance of the breaking of barriers of social status, age difference, place of origin, evaluation, belief system, and inevitable institutionalized separation, all boiled down to a moment of mutual concern and understanding. The beauty that is our inherent nature as beings, that are able to identify closely with one another is made manifest in a single transformation of tonal difference. The mystery of life's complications all broken down and replaced by instinct of genuine feeling, that to me is something so strong, so magnificent, that even the words used to describe that very ability in my mind does not do the action any justice.

Incredible things can stem right from the very ordinary. It is so interesting how a single physical action can portray the essential substance in which the human is made distinct - that emotions can initiate moments of true awe and wonder.

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